Not all window films are created equal.

Today we were contacted by an owner of a 2009 Honda Accord that had a very poor window film on their car.

This film needed to be removed and replaced with a much more durable and better performing material.

When she brought it in, it was a brown or pinkish color. The reason why this film looks so brown, instead of black is because of it’s cheap construction. This particular film is what’s known as dyed-film with poor adhesive. Over time, this dye begins to fade and breakdown. You can see the blacks lines where the defrosters protected the film from exposure to the sun. At first, this film looked very nice, we’re sure, and the customer probably believed that they received a quality product, meanwhile, the original company that installed the film probably knew that it is a cheaper product destined to fade and breakdown. They usually count on the customer selling or trading in the car before this happens which is not always the case.

Now this customer has had to pay 3 different times to have a quality material on their vehicle that will last for many years (Typically 12-15 years). They paid for the original install, the removal, and now the reinstall. This is unfortunate and a waste of money.

It ALWAYS pays off in the long run to choose quality window tinting over rock bottom pricing.

You get what you pay for and this story is just another example of that old saying proving true.

If you’re interested in having a quality product installed on your vehicle contact us here at Cornerstone Window Tinting for a free consultation.

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